We are following the situation closely with regards to the corona virus, and will act upon the advice and instructions given by the authorities when we open the campsite on Friday, April 3 as planned. We take the situation seriously, and use our common sense in the process. As we are located in a rather remote forest in the countryside, and most camping takes place in the open with plenty of fresh air, our concern is centered around securing all guests, our staff and ourselves against a potential covid-19 infection in our common areas and facilities.​

To reduce the risk of covid-19 infection, we will have particular attention on the following:

  • ​All staff will have an increased focus on hand hygiene
  • Employees may not attend work if they feel ill or have a cold
  • Increased focus on cleaning of sanitary rooms and common kitchens
  • Hand disinfection dispensers will be put up by the entrance to the kiosk and café
  • There will be visible signs with good advices on appropriate behavior and hand hygiene
  • We will put a limit to the number of customers/guests in our kiosk/café at the same time if found necessary

​Regarding cancellations:


  • We refer to our cancellation policy, with the advice to consider a cancellation insurance
  • In the current period (14/03 - 13/04), where the Danish borders have been closed down, we have decided to bypass our normal cancellation policy, and offer our guests from abroad the choice between a refund, a new reservation or a gift voucher

Skyttehusets outdoor camp

​​Svejbækvej 3, Virklund, 8600 Silkeborg