It is really lovely here.....​

​At the very end of the forest, where you can't get any further without getting your feet wet, you will find our small, cosy campsite and café. The campsite is surrounded by forest and is situated on the banks of the lakes with the most beautiful view of the Svejbæk narrowing.​

We have spaces for 50 caravans / autocampers and approx. 40 tents. In addition, we have 6 luxury cabins with kitchen / toilet / bath, 1 small and basic camping cabin, 5 beautiful glamping tents and 6 rooms with shared bathroom, kitchen and toilet facilities.

​We have a fine mini-golf course with challenging holes for all ages, as well as rental of bicycles, canoes, kayaks and motor boats. Take a trip to Himmelbjerget by bike in the morning, grab a boat and visit Paradisøerne ("Paradise Islands") in the afternoon and finish the day with a nice hearty meal and a glass of wine in the cafe. If you want to visit Silkeborg town centre, we have a small solar-powered ferry to transport passangers across the narrowing between the campsite and Svejbæk town, where you will find bus and train connections.


Hjejlen, the world's oldest paddle steamer, has a stop at the jetty by Skyttehusets Camping, and you can board for a trip between Himmelbjerget and Silkeborg. If you have your own boat, you can moor it by one of the jetties in our small private marina.

Slåensø, one of Denmark's cleanest lakes, is located a short 10 min. walk from the campsite. Take a hike around the lake (3 km) and maybe a fresh dip and a swim...if you are up for it? :) Need a longer walk? Visit Himmelbjerget ("Sky Mountain") which is a round-trip of approx. 10 km along the lake side towards Ry.​ If you are more into running or MTB, then bring your fast shoes and your bike and be challenged by the hilly terrain in the area.

The lakes around Silkeborg are popular for their fine fishing waters and our guests are welcome to fish for free from our marina or rent one of our motor boats if you want to hunt for "the big one"....which is definitely out there :)

​In our cafe with a panoramic view of the Svejbæk narrowing, you can enjoy hot or cold meals, snacks, a cold draft beer, a glass of wine, or simply treat yourself to a cappuccino and "a little something" while watching the tranquil traffic of canoes kayaks and boats on the water.​

If you need to get away from the "hustle and bustle", then Skyttehusets Camping & Café, with ample opportunities for both outdoor activities and quiet relaxation, in one of Denmarks most beautiful nature areas, is definitely worth a visit.


We look forward to welcoming you :)


Tina and Torben

Skyttehusets outdoor camp

​​Svejbækvej 3, Virklund, 8600 Silkeborg