bike rentals

The scenic area around Himmelbjerget is great for a bike ride. From Skyttehusets Camping, you can cycle all the way to Himmelbjerget on fine dirt roads without meeting a single car. We have two light-duty city bikes with 7 internal gears for a nice ride on 'the two-wheeler'.


Please contact us if you need more information or wish to book your bike today. We can be reached via telephone on (+45) 86 84 51 11 or via the ​online contact form.

Remember that we also offer rentals of canoes, kayaks and motorboats from our own little marina.​

bi-Cykel w/7 gears Incl. helmet​​

​4 hours

DKK ​100,-

Day rental

 DKK 185,-​

Skyttehusets outdoor camp

​​Svejbækvej 3, Virklund, 8600 Silkeborg