Svejbækvej 3, Virklund, 8600 Silkeborg 

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Sæson: 27 Marts til 20 September​



One of the highest points in Denmark – measuring 147 meters - is 75 minutes away by foot and a 10-minute drive from the campground.

​From the top, there is a fantastic view of lakes, forests, and heath.

On June 5th, there’s a Constitution Day Meeting on ​Himmelbjerget, and all during July, there is a free children’s arrangement once a week

Canoes / Boats

Rent a canoe or a dinghy with a motor, sail to Himmelbjerget or the Paradise Islands, and enjoy the sunset.​​

The Ferries

Take a trip on the ferries or with​ Hjejlen ​– which is the oldest paddle steamer in the world.

They dock at Skyttehuset, and you can sail to Silkeborg or Himmelbjerget.

Then, from Himmelbjerget, you can walk back to Skyttehuset.

It’s a beautiful hike along Julsø that takes about an hour and 15 minutes.​


There are several nature trails connected to Skyttehuset Camping, so you can take a hike along one of the many marked hiking trails down to the Paradise Islands or to Himmelbjerget alongside the water. So bring your walking or jogging shoes and enjoy the beautiful surroundings.


Slåensø is Denmark’s cleanest lake and is an 8 minute walk from Skyttehuset.

Go for a walk around the lake a take a cool dip at one of the small access points for swimming.​.​

Cycling / Mountainbiking

There are great biking and mountain biking trails in the woods, and among other things, you can ride your bike along the paved old railroad – known as the Nature Path from Horsens-Silkeborg to Vrads railroad station.​

Rich Bird Life

Among others, the gray heron and the kingfisher live near the waters by the campground.


Try ​geocaching ​(a treasure hunt in the woods) and find the many treasures.​

Climb Mountains

In the area around Skyttehuset Camping, there is a rich opportunity to visit a number of the highest points in Denmark and give “Danish” mountain climbing a try.

You can find more information and inspiration​ here.



Light a campfire in the fire ring and enjoy memorable moments while enjoying the view over Gudenå River.​

Ball Games

You can borrow table tennis and petanque equipment in the kiosk.​

Playground and Bounce

The campground offers two playgrounds with things like a climbing wall and a slide.

Furthermore, two bounce cusions have been set up, measuring 8 x 11 meters for older children and 4 x 6 meters for the younger children under 1.20 meters (4 feet) tall.​ på under 1,20 cm.​

Hosts : Torben & Tina