With a direct access to 25 km fresh-water lake between Silkeborg and Ry, you have a good chance of landing "the big one" :) Here you will find many different species of fish, including: zander, trout, perch, pike, eel, bream and roach. Rent a motorboat to explore the lakes and if you plan on a fishing trip over several days, then please contact us for an offer on a motorboat and a cabin.

canoe, kayak, SUP, motorboat

Rent a canoe, a kayak, a SUP or a motorboat and take a boat trip to Himmelbjerget or Paradisøerne to enjoy the sunset. Bring your fishing gear and try your luck in the 25 km wide lake system between Ry and Silkeborg. Read more about fishing from Skyttehusets Camping here.

Himmelbjerget (Sky Mountain)

One of the (rather few :) peaks in Denmark - towering an impressive 147 meters above sea level - located approx. 75 minutes walk and only 10 minutes drive from the camp site. ​From the top you have a fantastic view of the lakes, forest and moor. Find more information here

shuttle boats

Take a boat trip with the shuttle boats or the famous Danish steam boat Hjejlen....which happens to the be worlds oldest steam boat! The boats will moor by our jetty at Skyttehuset, and from here you can take a trip to Silkeborg or to Himmelbjerget. From Himmelbjerget, you can walk back to Skyttehuset along the Julsø lake side. A scienic route which will take you about 1 hour and a bit. ​


Several scienic nature tracks are located within easy reach of Skyttehusets Camping. Bring your hiking boots or running shoes and enjoy the fantastic outdoor area between Silkeborg and Ry.


Slåensø is one of the cleanest lakes in Denmark, located only 8 minutes walk from Skyttehusets Camping. Take a brisk walk around the lake (approx. 3 km) or bring your swimming trunks and jump might be a bit nippy...brrrrrrrr...... :)

bike / mountainbike

We have some great bicycle- and mountainbike tracks in the forests around Skyttehusets Camping. If you are not into mountain biking through narrow tracks in hilly forest, you can take a more relaxed trip along the old railway track, better known as the Naturstien Horsens-Silkeborg til Vrads station.​ 

bird watching

There is a large population of different birds in the area around our camp site. Both the heron and the kingfisher can be seen on occassion.


Try your luck with geocaching (treasure hunt in the forest) and find the many hidden treasures :)​

Bestige bjerge (climb mountains)

In the area around our camp site, you will find many of the highest peaks in Denmark. Why not climb a few of them and enjoy a fantastic view of the area. You can find further inspiration here.

Fire place (bonfire)

Light a bonfire by the lakeside and enjoy "some good old Danish hygge" with a view to the Svejbæk narrowing.


We have a fine mini-golf course with 12 challenging holes for all ages, a small playground for the younger children and a work-out area with equipment for adults. Table-tennis, petanque, ladder-golf, kongespil etc. can be borrowed free-of-charge in the shop.​

Skyttehusets outdoor camp

​​Svejbækvej 3, Virklund, 8600 Silkeborg