the solar ferry has now ceased operations for the season.

The solar ferry...also when its raining :)

Take a trip across the Svejbæk narrowing between Skyttehusets Camping and Ålekroen.

A trip with our small solar powered ferry, is the only way to cross the lakes between Silkeborg and Ry, with regular intervals, without getting your toes wet...

​Ay ay sailor! 

/Torben og Tina​​​

​the solar-powered ferry "Søhøjlandet"

  • Connecting the Himmelbjergruten (hiking route )
  • Sails between Skyttehuset and Svejbæk (mooring at Ålekroen)
  • Take the ferry across and jump on the train to Sikeborg or Aarhus from Svejbæk Station
  • First solar-powered ferry in Denmark, named and launched in 2013 (video from TV2)
  • Oldest "ferry route" in Denmark
  • Sailes according to fixed sail plan in agreement with local tourist organisations

The sailplan below is from 2023. A new sailplan for 2024 to follow early 2024.

Skyttehusets outdoor camp

​​Svejbækvej 3, Virklund, 8600 Silkeborg