Skyttehuset's campsite is situated right on the banks of the Gudenåen between Julsø and Borresø - a perfect starting point for a fishing trip! In fact you have approx. 25 km of lake to go hunting for the "big one". The Gudenå lake system around Silkeborg and Ry, is known for its fine fishing water. You will find many different species of fish here, including: zander, trout, perch, pike, eel, bream and roach.


​Skyttehusets Camping is often used for small fishing holidays, where a group (of guys typically) spend some days together, going fishing in one our rental boats during the day and relaxing in one of our luxury cabins at night. If you overnight at the campsite, you can also bring your own boat and moor it at a jetty in our marina. If you don't want to spend valuable time cooking your own meals, you can choose from our selection of ready-meals etc. in the shop & café.

​*If you plan a fishing holiday, please contact us for availability and special offer on a cabin and motorboat.

License to fish

You can fish for free from the bridges and banks of the campsite, however, anyone over the age of 18, must have the compulsory national fishing license which can be purchased online here: www.fisketegn.dk. In addition to the national fishing license, you must also hold a fishing license for the Silkeborg lakes at Silkeborg Fiskeriforening, which can be purchased online with Silkeborg Fiskeriforening where you will also find a lot of useful information (in German and English) about the lakes, fishing season etc. If you are over 65 years of age, you do not need the local or national fishing license to fish in the Silkeborg lakes.

Skyttehusets outdoor camp

​​Svejbækvej 3, Virklund, 8600 Silkeborg