​​local attractions

Skyttehusets Camping is located in one of Denmarks most beautiful nature areas, with clearly marked routes and tracks for biking, hiking and running. Several other local attractions are within walking distance or a short drive from the camp site.


Danmarks cleanest lake - perfect for a quick swim or a brisk walk round the lake (approx. 3 km). The lake which has a max. depth of 12 meters is located within 10 mins walk from Skyttehuset.

Douglas pines

The tallest pine trees in the country, Douglas Granerne, can be found in the forest around Slåensø. The tallest is more than 50 meters tall.


Jump on board the worlds oldest paddle steamer "Hjejlen" by its jetty at Skyttehusets Camping, and enjoy a beautiful trip along the lakes between Silkeborg and Himmelbjerget.

Himmelbjerget (Sky Mountain)

Probably the best known "mountain" (more like a hill really :) in the country, located 10 minutes drive or approx. 1 hours brisk walk from Skyttehuset. Read more here.

Silkeborg town centre

Nice and cosy town centre with loads of small shops, cafés and restaurants. The area around the harbour (marina) is buzzing with life in the summer months as people enjoy themselves along the quayside. ​It is easy to get to Silkeborg from Skyttehusets Camping! Cross the Svejbæk narrowing with our little solar ferry and board the train to Silkeborg from Svejbæk train station - a train trip of about 6 minutes :) 

Silkeborg museum

Near the harbour, you will find the oldest building in Silkeborg, hosting the museum and the famous, 2400 years old Tollund-man

Silkeborg Rovfugleshow (birds of prey show)

Experience the majestic eagles, the falcons as quick as lightning, agile hawks and also the fascinating and fabled owls at first hand. Both young and elderly people shiver when the birds – in the entertaining, educational and very untraditional bird of prey show – in cooperation with the falconers, show examples of their fantastic hunting and flying qualities. Pay a visit to the famous "falcon man" Flemming and his wife Bennie.

Museum Jorn

Asger Jorn-kunstmuseet is located in the cosy park area at the banks of the Gudenå lake.

Aqua Akvarium & Dyrepark

With over 2.5 million guests since opening in 1993, AQUA Aquarium & Wildlife Park established itself as Søhøjlandets top attraction! A family-friendly adventure filled with unusual underwater experiences among ferocious pikes, hunting otters and lots of other animals.

Veteranjernbanen Bryrup-Vrads (veteran train)

Board the old veteran train and enjoy Denmark's "5 most beautiful kilometres of train tracks" :)


Europes biggest 3D-labyrint with a total area of 1300 m2. Great fun for the entire family!

​himmelbjerg Golf Club

Want to play golf? Check this fine, local golf course out: ​Himmelbjerg Golf club

Skyttehusets outdoor camp

​​Svejbækvej 3, Virklund, 8600 Silkeborg