About us

Skyttehusets camping is located in a unique natural area that is immediately adjacent to Svejbæk Narrow and Silkeborg’s beautiful lake, Julsø.​

The campground which is located 10 km from Silkeborg has a cozy Cafeteria with a panorama view, dedicated marina, launch area, and mini shop.

Furthermore, it’s only a few minutes walk to Hjejlen’s dock, from which you can sail to Silkeborg or Himmelbjerget.

From the recreational area of the campground, there’s a view of Himmelbjerget.Leashed dogs are welcome since we have a small island, where dogs can play off leash. 

Free Wi-Fi on the campground.

Active Vacation:​

Just a 10-minute walk from the campground, you will find Denmark’s tallest trees, as well as

Slåensø which is the cleanest lake in the country to go swimming.

For Real Nature Lovers

There are great fishing options from the campground (fishing license required).

Wonderful hikes, as well as a rich bird life that includes gray herons and kingfishers.

The many hiking and biking trails in the area provide lots of options for an active camping vacation in Silkeborg.


Activities in and around the Campground:

  • ·​Hiking/biking routes (also for mountain bikes)
  • ·​Free fishing (state license required)
  • ·​Perfect for kayaking
  • ·​Geocaching (treasure hunting)
  • ·​Canoe rental / boat rental
  • ·​Miniature golf / table tennis
  • ·​Mountain climbing
  • ·​Playground / bounce houses
  • ·​Great options for camps, kayaking clubs, etc.
  • ·​Recreational area with a view of Himmelbjerget and Julsø
  • ·​Free Wi-Fi at the campground

Skyttehusets Camping & Cafeteria

​​Svejbækvej 3, Virklund, 8600 Silkeborg