Skyttehuset is located in idyllic natural surroundings where marked trails provide rich opportunities for biking and hiking.

Nature is right outside the front "door”, and there are several attractions within walking distance.

Slåensø Lake

Denmark’s cleanest lake with great options for swimming.

The lake, which is more than 12 meters deep in places, is only about a 10-minute walk from Skyttehuset. 

Douglas spruce

Denmark’s tallest trees, the Douglas spruce, are found in the forest around Slåensø. The tallest is more than 50 meters tall. 


Step onto the oldest paddle steamer in the world at Skyttehuset’s dock and enjoy the beautiful trip to Himmelbjerget or Silkeborg 


This is probably Denmark’s best-known hill, located just a 10-minute drive away or an hour walk from Skyttehuset. 

Silkeborg city

The city offers great shopping with many small shops along with a lovely plaza with a market on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

​The area around the harbor is a gathering place during the summer.

There’s an almost Mediterranean atmosphere, when people are hanging out at the dock, having a good time.

Silkeborg museum

Near the harbor is the oldest building in Silkeborg, which has been turned into a museum.

Among other things, you can see the 2400-year-old Tollund-man and a great exhibit about the Iron Age 

Silkeborg Bird of prey show

Both young and old are thrilled watching hawks, falcons, owls, buzzards, and eagles together with the falconer show of their amazing hunting and flight skills. Maybe you will get the opportunity to hold a bird of prey or an owl yourself. 

Museum Jorn

The Asger Jorn art museum lies in a lovely park area on the brink of the Gudenå River.. 

Aqua Aquarium & Animal park

AQUA – This is a family friendly adventure center with Northern Europe’s largest freshwater aquarium and a beautiful nature park with animal enclosures and a fun area for water play. 

The Old Railroad in Bryrup

Get on the old train and ride along for Denmark’s "five most beautiful kilometers" of railroad.



This is Europe’s largest 3D-maze with a total area of 1300 m2. 


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