Canoe rentals

If you want an experience outside of the ordinary, we recommend trying our canoe and boat rentals.

​Try, for an example, taking the kids out on a canoe trip, while you’re camping in Silkeborg.

Whether it’s a one-day trip, where you have fun, grill, and fish, or whether you want to make more trips, a little longer each day, we can help.

  • ·​Trip to Paradise Islands
  • ·​Trip to Himmelbjerget
  • ·​Trip to Silkeborg
  • ·​Trip to Avnsø (AKA “the glasses”)
  • ·​Trip to Ry

We allow you to experience nature from its most beautiful, impressive, and exciting side. 

See nature as you’ve never seen it before.

​For more information about canoe rentals, call 86 84 51 11 or contact us here.

Alu Canoe 4 pers. max 3 adults. incl. lifevests

  • ​1 hour: 14 euro
  • 2 hours: 25 euro
  • 4 hours (10-14) (14-18):  40 euro
  • 1 day (8-20): 53 euro

Skyttehusets Camping & Cafeteria

​​Svejbækvej 3, Virklund, 8600 Silkeborg